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Why is the arrest of five men on sex trafficking offences in Telford such an important milestone in the UK?

Posted by Virginia Heath 12-04-10Comments 0

The fact that five men are being charged with ‘trafficking persons within the UK for sexual exploitation’ is a really significant breakthrough in the recognition of ‘internal trafficking’, especially as those ‘persons’ are very young teenage girls.  The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ film and music video were commissioned by the UK Human Trafficking Centre to raise awareness that sex trafficking is not something that only happens to ‘other people’, terrible though that is.  It is also happening right here, right now, as young girls are entrapped and moved around UK cities.  The girls are disoriented, cut off from family and friends and systematically raped by large groups of men.  They often wake up with no idea of where they are in the UK, let alone how to escape this nightmare world. 


With the introduction of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, the offence of section 58, trafficking within the UK, was created.

It is an important milestone that the sexual exploitation of young girls is now seen in this framework because we all recognise that sex trafficking is a crime.  It takes the blame away from the young girls who are groomed and entrapped and places it squarely on the men who are brutally exploiting them.  In the past, it has been too easy for the authorities to get off the hook by labeling young teenage girls who are being sexually exploited as ‘prostitutes’ and somehow blaming them for being drawn into the sex trade.


It will be fascinating to watch the progress of this case.  Hopefully, the public will become more aware of the way in which sex traffickers are operating in UK cities and towns and more people will see the need to campaign to stop this happening. Of course we recognize this happens all around the world, but in the UK ‘internal trafficking’ has been a very hidden crime.

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