My Dangerous Loverboy

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My Dangerous Loverboy is a pioneering campaign raising awareness of the sexual exploitation of vulnerable young people. With 64 children being abused every day, Child Sexual Exploitation is a very real danger that is often hidden from plain sight. We believe that through the training of professionals working with children and the deliverance of high quality PSHE education to young people, a greater awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation can be achieved.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a misunderstood crime and is often missed by the authorities. Too often, front line practitioners are daunted by the lack of appropriate material and lesson plans that effectively engage young people in tackling this complex problem. With the lack of high quality content in schools, many young people are unable to spot the signs of grooming and become vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Multimedia educational resources

My Dangerous Loverboy is an acclaimed short film, that tells the ‘typical’ story of a young girl (Jade) who falls into being sexually exploited. After being groomed by the handsome ‘Loverboy’ Raz, Jade ends up trafficked and entrapped in a town far away from home. Using this storyline as inspiration, the Love or Lies? Education resource was created to introduce young people to the realities of Child Sexual Exploitation.

Jade imprisoned

Our Love or Lies? Education pack provides a healthy relationship programme for young people. Alongside our award winning film ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’, exercises have been carefully constructed to raise the issue of sexual exploitation by allowing them to explore the characteristics of positive and negative relationships. One front line practitioner recently commented that, ‘We used the Love or Lies pack to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation in our local area. Before training we had no specific cases of Child Sexual Exploitation referred. Since using the pack, 28 cases have been referred to our Child Sexual Exploitation Panel.’

Interacting with young people

jade and friends

Love, sex, betrayal and friendship are all issues that young people have to grapple with in today’s society. However, some young children are tricked into a life of sexual abuse. We work with survivors of Sexual abuse and outreach programmes such as StreetReach and Barnardo’s, to produce hard-hitting, authentic media. These stories will empower young people to make safe relationship choices and warn them of potential dangers. Through our Twitter and Facebook account, we endeavour to encourage discussion amongst young people so that they may learn from each other’s experiences and make more informed choices in their own lives.

Our Objective

We aim to create a campaign that reaches young people across the UK so that Child Sexual Exploitation is no longer brushed under the carpet. Raz and JadeWe believe that through the introduction of the Love or Lies Education Pack in schools, LSCBs, Youth Offending Teams, the NHS, outreach programmes and Care Homes, more young people will learn about the ever growing threat of CSE.