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Sexual Exploitation

Posted by Sophie-Host 07-11-08Comments %

jade-in-carSexual Exploitation is a growing, but ignored or misunderstood crime in the UK, Canada, Holland, France, Australia, the USA and beyond. Few of us realise that some of the most vulnerable members of our own communities are being sexually exploited and trafficked from one city to another. But it is happening all around us, right here, right now

It is important to understand the sexual exploitation and movement of young people around UK cities as Internal Trafficking because we all understand that sex trafficking is a crime. It makes it much clearer that young, sexually trafficked girls are the victims of a crime. It helps to change perceptions of these girls amongst the public, social workers and police who have often seen them as young prostitutes. It is also easier for the police to prosecute perpetrators under specific sex trafficking offences.

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  • Response by Charlie Weinberg 07-11-08

    I am really interested in this project and have forwarded this link to many colleagues and friends who work in related fields. I currently manage an arts based, personal development programme (unique in the UK) for young women (under 21) in prison.

    Please keep me up to date with your progress and inform me of ways I can get involved or be of support to your work.
    Many thanks

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