My Dangerous Loverboy

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Teen detective – Exciting new drama

Posted by Sophie-Host 06-11-08Comments 0

skrewd-1On line interactive drama series for web and mobile
We plan to engage our target audience (primarily of teenage girls) on the web and mobile through story lines dealing with issues like love, sex, betrayal, friendship and self esteem – the idea being that the choices being made by sex trafficked girls are not so dissimilar to those most girls make in their ordinary relationships with boyfriends.

The short film we have made will be a reference point for developing the on line drama series for two reasons. First, the film itself draws on powerful testimony from a creative writing project with trafficked girls that produced some riveting stories and poems and it has already proved popular with a teenage audience. And second, both the film and a pop video cut from the same footage will be going into schools right across the country which creates a mass audience who has already been introduced to the story. We will use this to build a strong teenage following for the on line series and related x platform activities.

Brief synopsis: Jade, 14, escapes her troubled home life by fantasizing about becoming a pop singer, bunking off school to hang out with her mates. She’s picked up by charming Raz who offers her excitement, fast cars, parties, and the thing she craves…love. As Jade falls under his spell, Raz asks her to be ‘nice’ to a record producer who will help them. Desperate to please Raz, Jade agrees, so beginning her dark slide into entrapment. Jade is trafficked, locked up, and forced to have sex with countless men, until one day she risks escape…

Using this core story as a starting point, we want to develop new narrative threads focused around Amber, the feisty, mixed race, best friend of Jade. Amber’s journey will provide an exciting way of giving different angles on Jade’s story. After having fun for a bit, and wondering about her friend, Jade, but not seriously, Amber starts to get serious about what’s happening to Jade and goes looking for answers. Amber becomes a bit like a feisty teen detective, putting herself in jeopardy, and so creating a story that could grip the attention of a teenage audience as she is forced to make tough choices…

This will be done in short, lo fi, interactive web / mobisodes engaging the teenage audience in the choices Amber takes – what happens next? Should she put herself at risk in order to find her friend?: you decide, that sort of approach…

From her character web page, Amber will start a ‘Free Jade’ campaign and encourage her fans to join it. She could ask her fans to design badges and t shirts etc. We can also build the following by repeat ‘screening’ the webisodes, for e.g. first on Bebo then repeating on youtube, myspace etc, and pinging them to mobile.

The drama will be augmented by documentary video blogs, written character blogs, polls, comments received and replied to in character etc. It’s another way of looking at the core ‘young girl seduced by loverboy’ story, but this time with a feisty character of our audience’s age (Amber) to take us through it.

On the successful conclusion of the ‘Free Jade’ campaign, we could host a whole day ‘event’, where we bring all the content together and all the webisodes are screened over a 12 hour period tied in with a virtual (or live) concert. Once ‘freed’, Jade could have a character page, publish her ‘diary’ of poems and drawings and spread the word to other girls who have been involved in the same experience.

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