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Street to Glamour – Changing Identities

Project Concept

This idea has been developed by photographer, Misako Devereux, using a young actress, Maddi Burns Hunt, to visualise the concept.

The images above show an example of a proposed photography project. Fashion photography, in general, works to construct a world of fiction. The audience is presented with an illusion, to perceive as reality, or possibly to become victim of the commodity sales of fashion industries.

The reality of a young girl caught up in sex trafficking is from the world of fact, in conflict with the world of glamour and fashion. There is no doubt her life is an example of hard reality. Young women who belong to this reality are a world apart from the fashion industry that is the arena of fiction.

To see her cross over, between the real world where she exists, to the fashion shoot as a model, would be very interesting. The photography of the two identities in two locations, street and studio, with the same model presents a fascinating prospect. Fashion and fashion photography are deeply related to our feelings about our body and identity. This is a problem for some individuals, who are lacking self-esteem, yet this could be transformed and boosted by makeup and clothing to be chosen for the photographed images.

When the non-professional model displays a confidence it is a form of positive difference, signaling to the audience a sense of new self image and self-esteem. The girl’s anonymity will be protected during the fashion photography sessions by make up methods together with specific fashion materials for example using a mask, or lace over the face.

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