My Dangerous Loverboy

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House Rules

House Rules

Welcome to the My Dangerous Loverboy Forum where you can share your stories and talk to other members about your experiences.

All posts submitted to the forum will be moderated. We will endeavour to moderate these posts within two working days. If your post does not appear, an email will be sent to you to explain why your post was unsuitable.

If the behaviour of any member or the content of any posts on the forum makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact Sophie- Host on

The purpose of the My Dangerous Loverboy forum is for people to talk about their experiences. You can share your stories with other posters, give and receive advice and find support if you need it.

The forum is not intended to be a chat facility or a social networking site. Threads that are set up solely for the purpose of talking to one poster will be closed.

To post a message on the My Dangerous Loverboy forum you need to create a username and password. To stay safe online, it is important that you are not recognisable to anyone while using the forum. Please do not use your surname or any personal information. Always make sure that your password is private. You may share your general location (i.e. a large city), but not specific locations (i.e. a park in a small town). You can find more information about staying safe online at

Please do not use inappropriate usernames. Any inappropriate usernames will be taken down.

The My Dangerous Loverboy forums are a friendly and supportive community and we treat others with respect. Messages that contain any of the following will be removed:

Rude or offensive comments
Crude or sexually explicit language
Racially or Sexually offensive remarks.
Homophobic remarks
Threatening or otherwise offensive comments

Messages that may cause harm or damage to the reputation of another person will be removed by the administration team.

Messages containing copied text from other websites, songs , books or magazines will be failed as My Dangerous Loverboy may not have permission to reproduce it on the My Dangerous Loverboy website.

Any message that encourages or condones illegal activity or criminal behaviour will be removed.

Any message that breaches the confidentiality of another person will be removed.

Any user found to be repeatedly breaking the house rules will be deleted from the forum.

My Dangerous Loverboy is not a front line support agency. If you feel threatened or vulnerable in any way, we recommend that you contact

Childline – 0800 1111 /
Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111/
Police – 999
NAPAC – 0800 085 3300 /

Take Care

Sophie- Host