My Dangerous Loverboy

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The Truth About My Dangerous Loverboy

Posted by Sophie-Host 19-03-15Comments 0

‘We would like to make clear that the fundamental and most important purpose of the My Dangerous Loverboy film is to alert young girls about the dangers of sexual exploitation.’ Read more..

Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

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Hard hitting documentary to be aired on Channel 4 this Thursday 19th March at 9pm Read more..

National CSE Awareness Day 2015 #helpinghands

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On March 18, we want the world to unite against child sexual exploitation. What to do on the day… Read more..

Eyes Open Creative shortlisted for SEYH Award 2013

Posted by Sophie-Host 02-10-13Comments 0

The social enterprise behind the My Dangerous Loverboy campaign, has reached the shortlist for the ‘Social Impact’ category at the 7th SEYH Awards. Read more..

Pornography triumphs as 15 sex bullies are expelled from UK schools each day

Posted by Sophie-Host 19-04-13Comments 0

More than 3,000 children every year are excluded for offences including bullying, sexual assaults and sexual harassment. Read more..

MDL Inspires Amnesty International Award Winning Play

Posted by Sophie-Host 15-04-13Comments 0

Nick Hart, currently making his West End debut, talks about how he devised his ‘loverboy’ character Read more..

Victim of Oxford Child-Sex ring ‘felt she had no choice.’ Trial Continues

Posted by Sophie-Host 25-01-13Comments 0

Operation Bullfinch Oxford Trial began on the 15th January 2013. The men are accused of being part of a child grooming ring. Read more..

Coming Soon: Share your stories

Posted by Sophie-Host 19-04-12Comments 0

My Dangerous Loverboy is to launch a new online forum for survivors of sexual abuse to share their stories within a friendly and safe community environment. Read more..

Download your free Healthy Relationships resource here!

Posted by Sophie-Host 29-06-11Comments 0

Download a free 20-page sample from our ‘Love or Lies?’ Education Resource Pack. Includes background information, training materials for staff and a free lesson plan for use with young people. Read more..

Love or Lies? – Who Can You Trust (resource pack)

Posted by Sophie-Host 24-03-11Comments 0

The ‘Love or Lies’ educational pack including the My Dangerous Loverboy film starring Juliet Aaltonen (Jade) and Junade Khan (Raz) was developed to help schools and other settings explore positive and negative relationships, peer pressure and sexual exploitation. Read more..

Revealed: conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs

Posted by Sophie-Host 20-01-11Comments 0

A culture of silence that has facilitated the sexual exploitation of hundreds of young British girls by criminal pimping gangs is exposed by The Times today (5th Jan 2011) Read more..

Derby sex gang convicted of grooming and abusing

Posted by Sophie-Host 24-11-10Comments 0

A gang of men from Derby has been convicted of systematically grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls. Read more..

Asian men, white women and a taboo that must be broken

Posted by Sophie-Host 23-11-10Comments 0

In the Independent, Monday 29th November 2010, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown talks about the need for an honest national conversation about how exploitation in some places intersects with “culture, ethnicity and identity”. Read more..

Young girl testifies against men who forced prostitution

Posted by Rebecca Jesson 03-08-10Comments 0

Nine men have been convicted in connection with the sexual exploitation of a 14 year old girl who was was forced into prostitution and sexually abused after going missing from her home in Manchester. Read the full story here. It takes a huge amount of courage for a young girl to testify against her exploiters […] Read more..

Photos from the Royal Television Society Awards

Posted by Rebecca Jesson 16-06-10Comments 0

Even though we didn’t win the cross platform award at the RTS awards on the 14th June, we still had a great time on the night! Check out our photostream on Flickr. We sipped champagne, chatted with the competition and I even had a chance to chat with Harry Gration and Barry Cryer…! Read more..

RTS Awards

Posted by Rebecca Jesson 15-06-10Comments 0

As you may have heard, My Dangerous Loverboy was nominated for best cross platform award at last night’s RTS awards. Unfortunately didn’t win and the ceremony demonstrated a sad reflection on TV’s obsession with celebrity over anything with value and integrity. However, the nomination has been very useful in itself. In order to vent our […] Read more..

MDL up for Royal Television Society Award

Posted by Rebecca Jesson 11-06-10Comments 0

My Dangerous Loverboy, a collaborative voluntary project between digital agency Quba and film-makers Virginia Heath and Grant Keir, uses social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube to raise awareness of a largely undetected crime. Having attracted over 500 fans on Facebook and taken the message into 25 schools in the city, the group could […] Read more..

New places to find My Dangerous Loverboy

Posted by Virginia Heath 12-04-10Comments 0

MDL has a new profile on DIVIANT ART. We want to use Art and Photography as another way to raise awareness of this horrific crime. Really interesting responce to the project! Our website was listed on the Must See List of the ‘End Human Trafficking’ group of Diviant Art – Check out our page! […] Read more..

Why is the arrest of five men on sex trafficking offences in Telford such an important milestone in the UK?

Posted by Virginia Heath 12-04-10Comments 0

The fact that five men are being charged with ‘trafficking persons within the UK for sexual exploitation’ is a really significant breakthrough in the recognition of ‘internal trafficking’, especially as those ‘persons’ are very young teenage girls.  The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ film and music video were commissioned by the UK Human Trafficking Centre to raise […] Read more..

My Dangerous Loverboy Update

Posted by Virginia Heath 12-04-10Comments 0

The ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ (MDL) film was commissioned by the United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre with the aim of raising awareness of the issue of internal sex trafficking of young people within the UK.  Since its completion, the film has been screened in the Home Office for the minister, Alan Campbell, and to the respective […] Read more..

My Dangerous Loverboy: Stop Sex Trafficking cross platform launched

Posted by Rebecca Jesson 02-02-10Comments 0

Exciting news, last week we launched phase one of the website, Facebook fan page, YouTube channel and Twitter account for the My Dangerous Loverboy campaign intended to raise awareness of the internal trafficking of vulnerable young girls in the UK into the sex trade. The centre point of the campaign is a 20 minute film called My […] Read more..

sKrewd… what would you risk to save your best friend?

Posted by Sophie-Host 13-08-09Comments 0

Thriller series for web tv and mobile where teen ‘detective’ Amber investigates what happened to her missing friend and risks her life to expose a hidden crime. Read the full proposal here Read more..

National Film Board of Canada

Posted by Grant Keir 06-04-09Comments 0

The My Dangerous Loverboy project won the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Cross Media Challenge at Sheffield Doc/Fest November, 2007.  We used the NFB funding to develop this site and share their passion for developing innovative, socially engaged, cross platform projects. Read more..

Meeting with the Internal Trafficking Working Group

Posted by Grant Keir 06-04-09Comments 0

We had a really interesting meeting today with several members of the Internal Trafficking Working Group. We screened the short film and the pop video for them in the Showroom Cinema and then outlined plans we have developed with UKHTC for the campaign going forward.  We showed the group the latest version of the Animation […] Read more..

Meeting with Minister at UKHTC in Sheffield

Posted by Sophie-Host 01-04-09Comments 0

The day we met the Minister at UKHTC in Sheffield Read more..

SheffDocFest MeetMarket 2008

Posted by Sophie-Host 10-11-08Comments 0

2 very busy days at Sheffield DocFest Meetmarket Read more..

Animated stories

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Working with charity Barnardos, we tell the stories of girls who are recovering from traumatic experiences using animation. Stick figures that they draw become animations distributed through the web and as free mobile downloads. Read more..

Picture this

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Photography as a source of inspiration – we want to use the creative imagination of our audience to fight sex trafficking – designing posters, logos, badges, T shirts Read more..

Sexual Exploitation

Posted by Sophie-Host 07-11-08Comments 1

The girls, some as young as 12 years old, are lured into relationships by older boys and young men Read more..

Music – Sounds like teen spirit

Posted by Sophie-Host 07-11-08Comments 0

‘Set Me Free’ is the theme song of the My Dangerous Loverboy film – we want to inspire our teenage audience to compose their own songs and music to fight sex trafficking Read more..

A Global Problem

Posted by Sophie-Host 06-11-08Comments 0

The sexual exploitation of girls and young women into the sex industry is not just a problem that is confined to the UK. Read more..

Latest Video

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Pop video of “Set Me Free” sung by My Dangerous Loverboy’s lead female actor Juliet Aaltonen Read more..

Paula LeDieu

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Paula LeDiey, Director of Digital BFI says, “I wholeheartedly support this project and wish the MDL team every success in raising awareness of this shocking issue” Read more..

Teen detective – Exciting new drama

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Using the genre of a teen detective thriller, we plan to actively engage our target audience on the web and mobile through story lines dealing with issues like love, sex, betrayal, friendship and self esteem. Read more..

X Platform

Posted by Sophie-Host 05-11-08Comments 1

In order to reach the target audience of teenage girls a variety of different media and events will be used Read more..

Real stories

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We want to use the power and immediacy of documentary film making to reveal the reality of internal trafficking. Read more..

Me Jenny & Kate

Posted by Sophie-Host 30-10-08Comments 0

Animation based on a survivor’s story Read more..

MDL Short Film

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Excerpt from the film by Virginia Heath Read more..

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read more..

On the BBC

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BBC Crime reporter Ben Ando on the set in Sheffield Read more..