My Dangerous Loverboy

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X Platform

Posted by Sophie-Host 05-11-08Comments %

jade-mirrorIn order to interact with our target audience the ‘My Dangerous Loverboy’ project has to be X platform. The website will weave together story threads from documentary to animation to music to web drama creating a rich fabric of narrative tales dealing with issues of sex, trust betrayal and love. We aim to create content that will engage and challenge our teenage audience wherever they are consuming media.

Free Jade

To that end we are keen to experiment with developing simultaneous online / offline events. For example, we’re exploring the idea that the interactive lo fi teen web thriller runs alongside a real life ‘Free Jade’ campaign where teenage girls can design T-shirts, badges, posters, compose music or whatever they choose. Both the drama and campaign will culminate in a day long online event linked to an offline pop concert where Jade will be symbolically freed.

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    It is great to have this issue raised publicly.

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