My Dangerous Loverboy

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About Us


Eyes Open Creative is a community interest company tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) throughout the UK.

Our aim is to alert young people, frontline agency workers, health, police and criminal justice professionals to the signs and dangers of child sexual exploitation.  Our unique approach is to work with and learn from the experiences of young people who have suffered from sexual exploitation, to create high impact content that young people recognize as authentic, such as the award winning short film and pop video My Dangerous Loverboy, and the animation Me Jenny and Kate.

In January 2012, inspired by using the Love or Lies? pack, Senior Safeguarding and Education Advisor in Stockport, Dr Lynn Perry, developed a pioneering new framework to assess children’s vulnerability to CSE.  Using a proven risk assessment tool developed by Bolton’s EXIT team, the framework allows a child’s needs to be assessed.  Appropriate educational content is then delivered, including Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre’s ThinkuKnow online videos, Barnardo’s B-Wise to Sexual Exploitation and Love or Lies? The Department for Education intends to reference Dr Lynn Perry’s framework as an exemplar of good practice in its next progress report.

We believe that through the delivery of high quality PSHE lessons, young people can make informed relationships choices. Using our Love or Lies? Education Resource, we are campaigning to raise young people’s awareness of CSE and empower them to make safer choices. Similarly, through the introduction of the Early Assessment and Preventative Education Framework (hyperlink), we can introduce a multi-agency approach to tackling Child Sexual Exploitation throughout the UK alongside high quality training of professionals working with children.

Please click here to find out more about the team and people involved in the My Dangerous Loverboy campaign.