My Dangerous Loverboy

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My Dangerous Loverboy is a pioneering campaign from
Eyes Open Creative aiming to raise awareness of the sexual exploitation and trafficking of young people. Using the acclaimed My Dangerous Loverboy short film alongside the Love or Lies Education Resource, this campaign aims to
open up people's eyes to the harsh realities of sexual exploitation. You can help fight against this crime.

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The Truth About My Dangerous Loverboy

‘We would like to make clear that the fundamental and most important purpose of the My Dangerous Loverboy film is to alert young girls about the dangers of sexual exploitation.’

Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

Hard hitting documentary to be aired on Channel 4 this Thursday 19th March at 9pm

National CSE Awareness Day 2015 #helpinghands

On March 18, we want the world to unite against child sexual exploitation.
What to do on the day…

The crime...

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Sexual Exploitation


The girls, some as young as 12 years old, are lured into
relationships by older boys and young men

A Global Problem


The sexual exploitation of girls and young women into the sex industry is not just a problem that is confined to the UK.

X Platform


In order to reach the target audience of teenage girls a variety of different media and events will be used

Get involved...

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Coming Soon: Share your stories


My Dangerous Loverboy is to launch a new online forum for survivors of sexual abuse to share their stories within a friendly and safe community environment.

Animated stories


Working with charity Barnardos, we tell the stories of girls who are recovering from traumatic experiences using animation. Stick figures that they draw become animations distributed through the web and as free mobile downloads.

Picture this


Photography as a source of inspiration – we want to use the creative imagination of our audience to fight sex trafficking – designing posters, logos, badges, T shirts

Music – Sounds like teen spirit

‘Set Me Free’ is the theme song of the My Dangerous Loverboy film – we want to inspire our teenage audience to compose their own songs and music to fight sex trafficking

Teen detective – Exciting new drama


Using the genre of a teen detective thriller, we plan to actively engage our target audience on the web and mobile through story lines dealing with issues like love, sex, betrayal, friendship and self esteem.

Real stories


We want to use the power and immediacy of documentary film making to reveal the reality of internal trafficking.